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Alumni Profiles

Joe Freitas

Joe Freitas

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design
Year of Graduation: 2004
Program: Media Arts

Behind the Camera

After graduating from the Media Arts Program at Sheridan, I was offered a job as a Director of Photography on a nationally broadcast fishing show called Full Contact Fishing. On the show, I got to work with sport celebrities and travel to other countries on our fishing expeditions. I worked on the show for one season. Then the Director and Executive Producer began to disagree and the direction of the show and the show was postponed until further notice.

Next, I began to freelance as a Director of Photography and whatever else I could do.

During that time, I shot about seven short films and one independent feature-length movie. Also, I began to work at Videoscope as a Video Tech. I worked very hard and I gained the respect of my peers and superiors.

Soon an opportunity opened and I got the chance to prove myself in the camera department. With a strong understanding of cameras, lighting, and time management, which I gained at Sheridan Media Arts Program, it did not take long before I was running the camera department. And that is where I am today!

This has been a very brief overview of my journey so far, and there have been many obstacles and tragedies in between. But keeping yourself focused and determined well keep you from settling for less!

Current Occupation: Camera Department Head, Videoscope