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Alumni Profiles

Curtis Grant

Curtis Grant

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology
Year of Graduation: 1994
Program: Mechanical Engineering Tecnician / Technology

Since graduation, Curtis has worked for the biggest automotive industry suppliers in Canada, including Linamar where he is currently Program Manager. He joined Linamar in 2010 as a Project Engineer following stints at Dana and Magna Powertrain.

Where did you grow up and what led you to study at Sheridan?

I grew up in St Ann, Jamaica. In 1985 I migrated to Canada, the land of incredible opportunity. I lived in Toronto for a short while before my family moved to Brampton in 1989 where I completed my final year of high school. What drew me to Sheridan was its proximity to home and how welcoming the students and professors were whenever I visited the campus. I still have fond memories of the open house for new students.

What are the most interesting and challenging aspects of your work?

Seeing a new product come to life and new people working on the process you designed is both gratifying and humbling at the same time. Through these successes, I can see the direct positive impact of engineering on our families and community. Learning new technologies and training younger members of the engineering technology team allow me to play my part in strengthening the profession for years to come. Ensuring that capital investment is yielding the intended financial returns is the biggest challenge that I face. Every day I ask the question: how can I eliminate waste and improve the process or product?

With all the bad news over the past few years about the decline of the manufacturing sector, do you see a future for automotive engineering technology?

I do see a strong future for automotive engineering technology. People love their cars and are demanding more for less. This is good for the current and future engineering technologist (and the environment). I encourage all engineering and technology schools to build stronger relationships with developers and manufacturers. Be proactive in gaining insight into the challenges the industry is facing. Then we can better prepare our students by arming them with the proposed solutions to the problems.

What has been the biggest change in your field since you graduated?

Today’s engineering technology graduates are challenged to be more well-rounded professionals. With the permanent change to the industry since the economy meltdown in 2008, graduates have to demonstrate stronger financial awareness, stronger problem-solving skills, and a never-ending appetite to learn new technologies. Employers are looking for loyal and focused professionals who can help them improve the bottom line, reduce waste and improve their product and processes in a safe, economical and timely manner.

Curtis will be participating in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering mentoring event on November 13th at the Davis Campus. Share your advice with today’s students. Contact the Alumni Office at or 905-845-4078.