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Christopher Berry

Christopher Berry

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology
Year of Graduation: 2008
Program: Computer Systems Technology - Systems Analyst

Taking IT to Heart

Not many of us can add the title, “co-inventor, potential life-saving device” to our resumes. Especially not within five years of graduating from college. Christopher Berry can. The patented mobile cardiac diagnostic kit he helped develop in 2011 allows patients to detect heart problems immediately, which can ultimately lead to more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Not a bad way to kick off a career.

Christopher was part of an applied research project team from Sheridan which worked with Burlington-based m-Health Solutions to develop the remote heart diagnostic system.

Now a Senior Developer with m-Health Solutions, Christopher is enthusiastic about the advantages offered by the system which uses a Blackberry smartphone to transmit data about cardiac issues as they occur.

“To put it short: We save lives! Diagnostic yield and patient usability far exceed that of other alternatives in the marketplace,” says Christopher, referring to traditional heart monitors which typically cover a 24-hour period before being returned for analysis.

“This latest version allows patients to communicate with our Cardiac Center via text messages right from their device,” he adds. “I am incredibly proud to be a part of the team providing such an important and unique service.

Christopher should also be proud of his role in the venture, says Paul Bonenfant, Sheridan Professor and co-inventor of the mobile cardiac system. “Chris’ determination, research skills and work ethic were instrumental to the project's successful, on-time delivery of a working prototype to the industry partner.”

When he’s not working on m-Health projects, Christopher spends his time with sister-company, PatientCare Solutions, building and supporting patient-adherence programs for the pharmaceutical industry. Outside of work, Christopher keeps in touch with his artistic side by playing guitar in a band based in his hometown of Caledon.

Growing up in the small Ontario community, Christopher didn’t count technology on his career list. “I liked the arts; I liked sciences, but didn't know which direction I should choose. I quickly found that as a software developer, I was able to work at different points between those two interests,” says Christopher, who earned a Bachelor of Technology from McMaster University following his time at Sheridan.

Like most successful grads, Christopher is a proponent of lifelong learning. “Always strive to learn something new, even if it outside your field. It will amaze you how much seemingly unrelated knowledge will be of benefit on the job.” And while you’re on the job, he adds, “Don't be the traditional developer. If an opportunity arises to meet new people or learn about other areas of the business, take it.”