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Alumni Profiles

Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Pilon School of Business
Year of Graduation: 2005
Program: Business Administration - Human Resources

Learning from others to enrich your life

I am currently working with the Ministry of Government Services and the Shared Services Bureau for the Province of Ontario, in an Office Administrator role. Also, I work with the Oakville-Trafalgar and St. Michael’s hospitals as a speaker in the Think First program. This program is designed to raise awareness of risky situations that Grade 11 and 12 students may face on a day-to-day basis. The program’s intention is also to inform students of the choices they can make to avoid such risks.

As well, I have completed the Human Resource assistant training that is organized by the Human Resource Professionals Association of Ontario (HRPAO).

I remember being happy to learn at Sheridan mainly because I was treated as an 'equal' while I was there. A highlight of my time at Sheridan was receiving the Student Life Impact award for my work with the Accessibility Committee. Rob Till, Dean of Student Services, whom I worked with on the Accessibility Committee, made a particularly lasting impact on me. He was open to gaining and challenging my opinions and encouraging my efforts. Rob always heard me out completely and treated me like a professional. In doing so, he created a working environment that enabled me to exercise the lessons I was taught at Sheridan.

Today’s students should draw upon the school’s resources by interacting with the Sheridan community as much as possible. As a student, you have a great opportunity to learn from others, both seasoned professionals and those still developing their skills. Take advantage of this chance while you can. Besides, any classmate may be a professional contact, co-worker or boss in the future.