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Alumni News

Window on the Future of Work

March 14, 2013

The Virox Future Forum 2013 offered graduating business students a look into emerging trends in the work world and advice on pitching business ideas. Sponsored by Randy Pilon (Business, 1982), President and CEO of Virox Technologies Inc., the Feb. 14 event featured keynote speakers, demographer Dr. David K. Foot (Boom, Bust and Echo), and venture capitalist (and Dragons’ Den consultant), Dr. Sean Wise.  

Following the talks, students participated in small, roundtable break-out sessions hosted by the speakers, panelists, and additional Faculty of Business professors. Three $1,000 scholarships, supported by Randy and Virox Technologies Inc. were drawn and awarded to student entrepreneurs in attendance. 

Now in its 5th year, the event is the brainchild of Randy Pilon whose financial support makes the event possible each year. Thanks to him, as well, for providing the cash awards and a personal coaching session to students as part of this perennially popular event.


Randy Pilon (Business, 1982), President and CEO of Virox Technologies Inc; (centre) professor and demographer Dr. David K. Foot (seated, far left) and venture capitalist Dr. Sean Wise (seated, far right). Dr. William Holmes, Dean, Faculty of Business for Sheridan (standing, far left) and Dr. Ginger Grant, Professor of Marketing and Innovation for Sheridan.