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Why would I need life insurance when I am young

June 06, 2014

As mentioned, covering your debt does not need to cost a lot. In fact, term life insurance rates are lower when you are younger and often can cost less than $10 a month. And since term life insurance is very flexible, as your outstanding debts increase and decrease and as your number of dependents changes over time, you can always apply for additional coverage - and you can also reduce or even cancel your coverage at any time.

There are also benefits to arranging for your life insurance when you are younger. The reality is, not everyone will be approved for life insurance so you are more likely to be approved for coverage before any health concerns arise.

Your Sheridan Alumni Office cares about your financial future and has chosen Canada Life to provide term life insurance coverage at low group rates. Premiums start as low as $3 a month based on your smoking status and gender. And once approved, your coverage cannot be cancelled due to changes in your health, although you can reduce or cancel your coverage at any time.

To learn more, call Canada Life at 1-800-387-0649 or visit them online. No matter where you are in your decision on getting life insurance, Canada Life is available to help.