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Alumni News

Virox Scholarship Recipient on Fast Track to Success

January 27, 2011

Graduating business students are gearing up for the third Virox Future Forum on February 11th at Sheridan. The forum offers Sheridan’s top graduating business students career planning strategies for today’s changing workplace. The event was created thanks to a generous donation by Randy Pilon, CEO of Virox Technologies, a 1982 Business grad and 2007 Distinguished Alumni recipient. 

Jennifer Ho attended the 2009 Virox Future Forum as a graduating Marketing Management student. She now works for Microsoft as part of their Partner Marketing team specializing in training and readiness. Within a year of joining the company, Jennifer advanced to her current position as Event Marketing Manager. 

A proud recipient of a 2009 Virox $1,000 scholarship, Jennifer found the forum very helpful, particularly in spelling out the impact of technology on young professionals entering the work force. “Not only did we review how social media and technology have changed the business landscape today, but we learned how best to become career-ready based on this new work world.” 

Technical skills are crucial today, explains Jennifer. “I believe they will give you a competitive edge as you enter the job market.” Business students need to prepare themselves by taking a technical class either inside their program (similar to the one offered by Laura Gill to Sheridan business students) or outside of school, she advises. 

The Virox Future Forum is an extension of the real-world business education she received at Sheridan, adds Jennifer. “The professors bring years of industry knowledge, and business leaders from Fortune 500 companies share their advice as guest speakers. Also, the small class size really allows for one-on-one mentoring.” 

After receiving a business degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2004, Jennifer spent three years working for commercial real estate company, Riocan. In a bid to expand her marketing knowledge, she chose Sheridan. She was admittedly nervous after quitting her job to go back to school. “But after one week at Sheridan, I realized it was the right place for me, mainly because the hands-on-experience was something I never received in university!”