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The Spirit of Maud

Theatre brings ladies of Lucy Maud Montgomery to life

August 18, 2014

The Anne of Green Gables legacy lives on in the Spirit of Maud Theatre Company founded by Marion Abbott (Music Theatre-Performance, 1999). The company’s inaugural production, Conversations with the Ladies of Lucy Maud Montgomery, takes place from August 22 to September 14 in Norval, Ontario.

Conversations With The Ladies Of Lucy Maud Montgomery is a collection of monologues and duologues taken from the eight books that comprise the Anne Of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Ten actors, all from the Peel Region will portray a variety of female characters from the books who discuss a range of topics with great passion, humour and truth. This is the first production from The Spirit Of Maud Theatre Company founded by Marion Abbott to promote the work and legacy of Lucy Maud Montgomery, through the magic of live theatre. The pieces for Conversations were collected and edited by Marion.

The play takes place in St. Paul’s Anglican Church Parish Hall in Norval, Ontario where Maud Montgomery had staged her own dramatic productions when she lived in the area. Additional plays based on her writings will be staged in October and February, 2015.

Marion has been teaching musical theatre to children since she was 16 years old. After teaching privately and working for The Brampton Theatre School, she opened Marion Abbott's Performing Arts Studio. The studio has produced over 30 productions and her students have performed in Walt Disney World in Florida. Marion recently co-created The Confidential Musical Theatre Project, which had its inaugural production in July and is mounting its next in October.