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Student Union Honours Rob Till

Student Union Honours Rob Till

June 20, 2016

As advisor to the Sheridan Student Union (SSU), Rob Till did more than guide student leaders in their work for the betterment of the student body. He motivated those student leaders to find their voice, shaping their lives in ways that still resonate with them far beyond graduation.

In recognition of Rob’s influence, Sheridan Student Union (SSU) leaders from the 1980s to the present returned to campus on June 14 to honour the retired Dean of Student Services and advisor to the Student Union. In a fitting gesture, a plaque was unveiled dedicating the Sheridan Student Union Boardroom at the Trafalgar campus in Rob Till’s honour.

Rob Till retired as Dean of Student Services in 2012 after 37 years at Sheridan. During his time at the college he championed the introduction of valuable new initiatives such as the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office, the Student Advisement Centre and the Peer Mentoring program. Rob has influenced countless students over the years through his approachability and commitment to helping them succeed.

During the event, former student leaders shared their memories of Rob and spoke of the influence he had on their personal and professional development. “Rob’s constant awareness of and advocacy for the interests of the students at large served as a guiding principle for us in determining our own direction and purpose,” said Ben McEvoy (Art Fundamentals, 1999 & Animation, 2002), SSU President, 2002 – 2003, who is now Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Toronto Animated Arts Festival International.

Among the other alumni speakers were Stephane Proulx (Accounting & Finance, 1997 & Risk Management, 2000), SSU President, 1999 – 2000; Eastern Canada Loss Prevention Manager, Bed Bath & Beyond; and Jason De Brum (Architectural Technology Co-op 2004), Director of Social Affairs, Davis Campus, 2001-2003. Jason is an Associate at Michael Spaziani Architect Inc.

Rob Till

Other SSU alumni weighed in with similar sentiments about Rob’s impact. “Were it not for you, I would forever be a lost student wandering the halls in search of direction. Thanks to your influence, I have gone from a shy introverted shadow to a successful businessman,” said Chris Ali, a Business Technology Analyst at Deloitte Canada. A 2006 Service Worker graduate, Chris served as SSU President from 2007-08.

Crystal Bennett who was SSU President from 2009-11, has gone on to pursue a career supporting post-secondary students as Student Engagement Manager, at Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business. “Rob provided me with the courage and support to speak up. He has been a strong role model for me, inspiring me to reach for the stars,” said the 2010 Business Administration – Marketing alumna.

Rob Till and a group of current and past Sheridan student government leaders are planning a 50th anniversary celebration to take place in 2017. Interested in getting involved? Email

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