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Stretch into Spring with These Tips

May 09, 2013

With the arrival of warm weather, it’s time to resume those outdoor activities we all enjoy. Here are some tips from Athletic Therapist, Laura Sylvah (Sports Injury Management, 2005) to help you avoid being grounded before summer starts. The 2005 Sports Injury Management grad is the Athletic Therapist for the football team at the University of Waterloo. 

  1. Don't do too much too soon! It sounds easy but many people assume if they could run 5K in October, they could run it again in May, without much training in between. Take it slowly; gradually increase your time/distance/weight as you are getting back into things, regardless of the sport. 
  2. Warm up! The body needs time within a workout to get ready for the stress it is about to undertake. A five minute jog or bike ride before a game will go a long way to reduce injuries during the game. 
  3. Stretch/cool down. Your body will be sore the first few days or even weeks after a return to activity. But stretching post-activity can go a long way in reducing the amount and length of pain experienced. Foam rollers and resistance bands are great post-work out tools to release tight muscles. 
  4. Braces can be useful for some people. In my setting at the university, there definitely is a demand for braces of all kinds. Athletes see me for the brace they have been prescribed by a sports medicine doctor. Through my company, I sell mainly custom ACL knee braces. But I also sell a fair amount of ankle braces, as more of a preventative measure. Osteo-Arthritic (OA) knee braces are popular, as well. These are my favourite braces to fit on a customer, as they offer immediate relief. It's rewarding to see someone who had pain walking across a room or up stairs, put on the brace and be virtually pain-free.