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Alumni News

Sounding Good

October 15, 2012

Brad Zoern didn’t have any more interest in television than the next kid but he did have a passion for music, playing drums in high school and local garage bands in his hometown of Windsor, Ontario. With an eye to a career in the music industry, Brad entered Sheridan’s Media Arts program which gave him an overview of all media-related areas, including music recording. He eventually specialized in audio engineering and has never regretted the decision.

In fact, almost a decade after graduation, Brad found himself on stage clutching the 2012 Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Mini-Series or Movie. He won for the History Channel’s mini-series Hatfields & McCoys starring Kevin Costner. Fellow alumnus Tom Bjelic (Media Arts, 1990) was nominated in the Sound Editing category for the mini-series, as well.

Brad calls the win the highlight of his career so far: “Among those nominated in our category were some pretty heavy hitters from LA, Oscar winners and multiple Emmy winners, then us little Canadians. It’s nice knowing that our work stacks up against some very accomplished people in my field,” says Brad who received a Genie Award in 2001 for the film, Love Come Down.

A freelance re-recording mixer since 2004, Brad has worked at Toronto's premiere post-production facilities, including Deluxe Post Production and Technicolor Sound Services. Previously, he spent 10 years at Film House/Deluxe Productions. Currently, Brad is working on sound for the TV program, Lost Girl on Showcase.

It is the connections he has made along the way that have made the most impact on Brad, including those from his college days.  “My strongest memories of Sheridan are the relationships I developed and still have with a number of fellow graduates who are scattered throughout the industry both audio and film production, says Brad, who also recalls working at the campus radio station and “playing full contact card games in the pub in between classes.”

And herein lies Brad’s advice for new graduates. “Don't underestimate the power of your contacts with classmates and instructors. They will be the people of influence in the future. The film industry is all about relationships.