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Social Media Strategist on Whirlwind Speaking Tour

September 05, 2013

Internet Marketing expert Tracy Repchuk spent July touring eight cities, appearing on national and local television throughout the U.S. The 1985 Business Computer Systems grad dispensed advice ranging from social media safety tips to essential travel apps. The best-selling author’s latest book, 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles, was released in August by John Wiley & Sons Publishing and helps businesses and entrepreneurs move online and dominate their market.

During Tracy's summer media tour she took time out to help bridge the gap between parents and kids when it comes to social media safety.

Here are Tracy’s Top Six Twitter Safety Tips for Children:

Select a good username. It is best if children opt for a username that does not indicate age or gender. They can make up a silly name or opt to be a character from a television show or a book that they enjoy. Make it difficult for strangers to discern any information from the user name.

Protect your tweets. Under Twitter Settings there is an option to make your account private. This allows you to select only trusted family members and friends to view your child’s tweets.

Don’t use a real photo. Have your child create a fun image that doesn’t reveal what they look like, who they are, or the fact that they are a child.

Monitor online usage. Use a filter application such as ReStream or Twalala to control what tweets they will see. Tell them to let you know whenever they would like to use the site. Consider not allowing your child to log in without you, and make sure you are also connected to their account so you can see what's being said. Consider a social media contract depending on the age so they know it's a privilege.

Don’t tweet about location. Caution them against posting where they are at any given time, and where they will be later. Phone numbers, email addresses, real names and any other identifying information should not be a part of their conversations.

Keep their username and password a secret except from you. Do not allow them to carry it around with them at school or on outings where you will not be present.

You can find more in Tracy’s books: - 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles -
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