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Social Media Expert Attracts Sold-Out Crowd

December 12, 2012

Over 170 alumni and guests attended the “The Business of Awesome” to hear Scott Stratten’s advice for tapping into the power of social media on Nov. 21 at the Trafalgar Campus.

The foyer outside the SCAET auditorium was buzzing before the event even started as alumni networked and reconnected with old friends. With the SCAET theatre sold out, an additional room filled with students and last-minute attendees was set up to live-stream the event.

A highly sought-after international keynote speaker, Scott was named one of the top five influential social media experts in the world by in 2012 and has over 136,000 Twitter followers.

The 1998 Human Resources alumnus ran his own agency for nine years before striking out on his own, a fact that grad Trina Boos found interesting. “As someone from an HR background rather than a traditional marketing background, Scott has a more genuine approach having worked so directly with people,” said Trina (Advertising, 2002), President of Boost Agents.

In fact, Scott points to hiring as the most important part of a marketing plan. “It’s about who you bring in because what you do in marketing doesn’t work very well if you can’t execute it properly; if your customer has a bad experience,” he explained.

The reality is that social media only enhances what a company already does, added Scott. Social media devices such as Twitter are networking opportunities that can be used to improve customer service and communication.

“Twitter is a conversation, not a dictation,” Scott advised. “Social media is a terrible sales and marketing tool. It’s a wonderful conversation tool; that’s the difference.”

Following Scott's presentation, alumni and students lined up to speak to Scott who also signed copies of his second book, The Book of Business Awesome/The Book of Business UnAwesome.



Parts of the above were excerpted from an article by Megan Tilley in The Sheridan Sun, November 29, 2012.