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CSA 2015

Sixteen Sheridan graduates take home Canadian Screen Awards

March 18, 2015

Congratulations to 16 Sheridan graduates who have received 20 Canadian Screen Awards this year. The Canadian Screen Awards (CSAs) celebrate homegrown talent in front of the camera and behind the scenes in film, television and digital media. The 2015 CSAs were presented at a series of week-long events, culminating in the final broadcast gala on March 1 in Toronto. This year’s alumni winners represent a range of Sheridan programs, including advanced television and film, animation, bachelor of design (honours), communication, culture and information technology, interactive multimedia and media arts. Their graduation years range from 1989 to 2009.

Among the highlights:

Stephen Barden, Coordinator of Sheridan’s new Bachelor of Film and Television program shared the award for Achievement in Sound Editing for the film Pompeii with three other media arts graduates, Alex Bullick, J.R. Fountain and Jill Purdy.

“Receiving awards for this work is a humbling experience,” said Fountain. “There are many talented sound designers working around this country and elsewhere.” Films like Pompeii don’t always come around, he said, “but when they do, suddenly all of the time you’ve spent diligently plying your craft pays off on a much larger scale.” 

But getting noticed really isn’t the goal, added Fountain. “It’s certainly an honour to have our teams recognized in this way though and I’m grateful to those who have provided me the opportunities to be a part of such great projects.”

Other CSA winners included Ryan Andal and Pietro Gagliano of Toronto digital agency Secret Location who took home three awards in Best Cross-Platform Project categories. Andal is a 2005 graduate of Sheridan’s interactive multimedia program and Gagliano earned a bachelor of design (honours) in 2006.

Several animation graduates were among the Sheridan winners, including Mauro Casalese (animation, 1989) who received the CSA for Best Animated Program or Series for Rocket Monkeys. Matt Ferguson (classical animation, 2001) won for Best Direction in an Animated Program or Series for The Day my Butt Went Psycho

The award for Best Performance in an Animated Program or Series went to Justin Time, the hit pre-school series from Toronto’s Guru Studio, home to many Sheridan graduates, including studio founder Frank Falcone (art & art history, 1992 & computer animation, 1992) and Justin Time creator Brandon James Scott (bachelor of applied arts-animation, 2007).

Michael Fukushima, another Sheridan animation alumnus (1985), was the executive producer of Me and My Moulton which received the CSA for Best Animated Short.

Many of this year’s Sheridan alumni winners have received Canadian Screen Awards in the past. Previous recipients include: Ryan Andal, Pietro Gagliano, Maria Gordon, Peter Persaud, Scott Riopelle, as well as four grads from Toronto’s Sound Dogs studio: Stephen Barden, Alex Bullick, J.R. Fountain and Jill Purdy.

Both Fountain and Purdy expressed much pride in being part of Barden’s multi-award-winning alumni team. “Sound Dogs sound supervisors and editors are a special breed of creative powerhouses. I think the fact that many of the ‘dogs’ are Sheridan graduates is no coincidence,” said Purdy. “We have worked together for so long that workflow and communication are given entities. So we are able to give creativity the due it deserves. We also all take great pride in our work.” Fountain agrees: “We take it seriously and we seriously enjoy it.”

Purdy has worked with Sound Dogs since 1996, and freelances with several different companies in Canada and the U.S. Fountain joined Sound Dogs 17 years ago, starting as a high school co-op student shadowing Barden. 

The following Sheridan graduates took home Canadian Screen Awards at three ceremonies which took place February 23, 24 and March 1:

Ryan Andal (Interactive Multimedia, 2005) and Pietro Gagliano [art fundamentals, 2002 & bachelor of design (honours), 2006]:
Best Cross-Platform Project – Fiction for Played – Interference
Best Cross-Platform Project – Children’s and Youth for Grojband –The Show Must Go On!
Best Cross-Platform Project – Non-Fiction for Big Brother Canada Digital
Stephen Barden (media arts, 1995), Alex Bullick (computer foundations, 1999 & media arts, 2002), J.R. Fountain (media arts, 2001), and Jill Purdy (media arts, 1996): Achievement in Sound Editing for Pompeii
Mauro Casalese (animation, 1990): Best Animated Program or Series for Rocket Monkeys
Matt Ferguson (classical animation, 2001): Best Direction in an Animated Program or Series for The Day my Butt Went Psycho - I Dream of Deucie/Planet of the Butt Monkeys
Maria Gordon (computer graphics, 1997 & computer animation, 1998) and Eric Lacroix (computer animation, 2007): Best Visual Effects for Vikings – Invasion
Peter Persaud and Mark Zsifkovits (both media arts, 1993): Achievement in Overall Sound for Pompeii
Scott Riopelle (classical animation, 2001): Achievement in Visual Effects for Pompeii
Anastasia Trofimova (communication, culture and information technology, 2009): Barbara Sears Award for Best Editorial Research for Tales from the Organ Trade
Robert Warchol (media arts, 1991): Best Sound in a Dramatic Program or Series for Vikings – The Choice
Supinder Wraich (advanced television and film, 2009): Best Performance in a Program or Series Produced for Digital Media for Guidestones: Sunflower Noir

Supinder Wraich

Supinder Wraich (advanced television and film, 2009): Best Performance in a Program or Series Produced for Digital Media for Guidestones: Sunflower Noir
Photo: Pimentel Photography