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Sharing an Olympic Dream

March 26, 2014

As the first reporter to interview Canadian skier Alexandre Bilodeau after he won Olympic gold in Sochi this past February, Carly Agro had her own “gold-medal moment.” Carly, a reporter and host for CBC Sports, counts her conversation with the two-time gold medallist as the highlight of her stint covering the 2014 Olympics.  Like most Canadians, she was touched by the Olympian’s commitment to his disabled brother, Frederic, during the 2010 Vancouver Games.

“Alex got quite emotional when I asked him how soon he wanted to connect with his brother to share this victory. When I thanked him for speaking with me, he said, ‘the pleasure’s all mine.’ I will never forget it as long as I live.”

Carly can add this dream assignment to her already impressive list of accomplishments. With CBC Sports since 2012, she brings a background in sports broadcasting as well as high-level amateur sports. Carly can most often be found on the sports update desk filling viewers in on the latest news from the world of sports.

In November 2013, she got her first taste of rink-side reporting during Hockey Night in Canada.  “I was so excited and nervous. I was scared but I knew I could do a good job,” Carly recalls.

She used the lessons gained from years as a competitive athlete to focus her energies and face such challenges. Among her words of advice: “Accept that you are going to make mistakes. You must be ready to handle that reality.”

Carly grew up in Burlington and headed to university in the U.S. on soccer scholarships after high school - first Miami, then Baltimore. She caught the journalism bug while working at Baltimore’s NBC affiliate after graduating with a communications degree in 2007. A year later, Carly headed back home to add Sheridan's practical education to her experience, studying Journalism-New Media.

“Having worked for a year, I knew exactly what I needed. After leaving Sheridan, I was able to add writing for broadcast, shooting and editing to my resume.”  Following her Sheridan graduation in 2009, Carly hosted the Hamilton Tiger Cats’ Ticats TV for a season. She then spent two years in western Canada as a sports anchor and reporter, most notably with CTV in Edmonton where she covered the Eskimos and the Oilers. Six months later, CBC called and Carly was able to reach the aggressive goal she had set for herself: to be a national reporter by the age of 30. (She will turn 30 in 2015).  One of the keys to attaining her career milestone was taking calculated steps along the way, maintains Carly. “It’s easy to get stuck in a holding pattern. You have to look for opportunities and then ask yourself, ‘how is this move going to help me down the road?’”

Carly is not the only member of her family who has hit the ground running in the broadcasting industry. Her twin sister, Charlsie - also a 2009 Sheridan New Media graduate - has been a videographer with CBC Toronto since 2011.