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Past Five Years Have Been a Dream Come True for Trevor Jimenez

April 10, 2012

Trevor Jimenez (BAA Animation 2007) has added Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax to his growing list of film credits. He was a Storyboard Artist on the hit animated film which was released in March.

Working long distance on the film with California-based Illumination Entertainment proved to be an interesting first-time experience for Trevor. “My home office was in Vancouver, so I would Skype with the Director who was in Paris to discuss a scene before I started working on it,” explains Trevor. “Of course, The Lorax is an amazing children’s book with a story that is clearly relevant today so I was particularly excited to be part of the project.”

Following his work on The Lorax last year, Trevor moved to San Francisco to join the stop motion production studio Cinderbiter, led by renowned animator Henry Selick. Trevor is now working on the studio’s latest film which will be out in 2013.

Trevor started making a name for himself. His final year film, Key Lime Pie, which won a top award at the Toronto Film Festival Student Film Showcase, sparked the interest of several industry heavyweights, including Walt Disney Feature Animation and Blue Sky Studios. As a story artist at both studios, Trevor applied his skills to the animated features Rio and Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Despite his success, Trevor still gets a thrill from rubbing shoulders with the top players in animation. “It is really incredible to meet and work with some of the professionals in the industry whom I really admired when I was at Sheridan. Some of my heroes have become colleagues and even friends. I have been very lucky over the past five years!”

But it was more than luck that brought Trevor to Sheridan to study animation. He started animating at the age of nine in his hometown of Hamilton at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Thanks in large part to his mother’s encouragement, Trevor took summer animation courses at Sheridan as a teenager. Determined to be among the college’s animation grads who were landing jobs at Disney and other big-name studios, Trevor applied to the Sheridan.

“I didn't make it into animation the first time around, but I enrolled in Art Fundamentals and eventually got in the following year with a lot of hard work and determination.”

Trevor Jimenez

Trevor Jimenez, BAA Animation 2007