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Marketing Grads Celebrate High Point of their College Years

December 12, 2012

Business alumni re-lived the excitement of their Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition experience at a reunion on November 29 with faculty and former teammates. For many grads the competition was their strongest college memory and a factor in their future success.

“The alumni who participated in OCMC have that extra drive,” said Mike Alves (2009), Senior Partner Development Manager at Wishabi, who helped organize the event at the Hazel McCallion Campus. “They represent a network of people who may have helped you build your career and can be the source of future opportunities.”

“It was evident that many OCMC alumni are doing exceptional things within their personal and professional lives,” said Hassan Al-Ghareib (2008), Marketing Specialist at Samsung Electronics, also on the reunion organizing committee.

Current OCMC students were invited to the event as well. “It was important to celebrate their success and to show them how important OCMC will be to their future,” added Mike.

Sheridan has performed remarkably well at the OCMC over the years and 2012 was no exception. The college came away with the Gold Award for first place overall in the competition held earlier in November.

A highlight of the reunion was a fun take on Sheridan’s traditional Cage Match business case simulation game featuring spirited presentations by Hassan and fellow grads Kevin Viana (2008) and Erika Janovich (2008). A Quiz Bowl re-enactment brought out the best of two alumni teams led by Anna Misheal (2011) and Travis MacDougall (2011).

But it was reconnecting with friends and faculty that meant the most to everyone. Alumni were happy for the chance to thank faculty who helped shape the future of so many grads. Among the current and former faculty on hand were Mary Kanko, Doug Greenwood, Annie Tarzi, Peggy Barnwell and David Nowell (so-called “Godfather” of OCMC, according to Mike!)

“Catching up with former teammates and coaches was my favourite part of the evening. The event was indeed a huge success,” said Hassan.

“Most of all, we were there to have fun with people we shared a special time with," said Mike. “Everybody wishes they could go back and do OCMC again, this was their chance.”

Thanks to the OCMC Alumni Planning Committee:

Hassan Al-Ghareib, Mike Alves, Crystal Bennett (2010) and Michelle Bray (2005)

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