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Jason De Brum

Making a difference by design

April 22, 2016

As the son of a plumber, Jason De Brum spent a lot of time on construction sites growing up in Strathroy, a rural community outside of London, Ontario.

“This experience actually helped spur my interest in construction and design which led to me enrolling in the Architectural Technology program at Sheridan,” Jason explains.

While at Sheridan, he made the connections that remain part of his network today, says Jason, who joined the Mississauga-based firm Michael Spaziani Architect Inc. right after graduation. Now an Associate with the firm, Jason guides staff through a variety of projects, passing on the lessons he learned both as a Sheridan student and in the years since.

Jason manages a diverse number of projects, among the most enjoyable are retirement housing communities. “It’s a growing market, but we also get to design spaces that help people to grow in place and age comfortably.” His firm’s involvement in several heritage projects restoring historical areas in Mississauga has also been rewarding, adds Jason.

Regardless of the design he is working on, Jason finds a special satisfaction in seeing a project fully realized and built. “It’s a rare privilege that we get to see what started out as ideas on paper and computer sketches become living, breathing buildings that people inhabit day in and day out.”

Like most fields, architecture has seen the integration of technology impact the industry significantly, particularly over the past dozen years. "The biggest change has been the integration of technology on the job site,” says Jason. “We have moved from using 2D AutoCAD drawings to using multiple platforms and various types of media. There has also been a great shift to digital drawings as opposed to rolls and rolls of drawings. These are all good things, helping everyone to do their jobs better.”

Being open to change, technology-based or otherwise, remains a key piece of advice Jason offers to new graduates embarking on their careers. “So many times in life, we encounter situations that challenge us. Accept that we often cannot change some things, but be flexible and open enough to find a way around them. Many of us are afraid of not being fully prepared to do something that we watch an opportunity go by.”

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