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Magnet: New Career Services Tool for Alumni

October 21, 2014

Magnet is a partnership between Ryerson University and the Ontario Chambers of Commerce that is supported by Sheridan College. Magnet has a network of 60,000+ employers, 16 universities and colleges, and labour-based organizations. Its mission is to help individuals, organizations and employers gain access to the right connections and opportunities to achieve their professional goals. With a vision to help connect jobs to people and get communities working productively, Magnet uses cutting-edge technology over its social media network offered free to students and alumni.

For Sheridan students and alumni, we automatically deliver the opportunities that you care about and are a match for you. The number one priority at Magnet is to help candidates make valuable connections quickly and easily. Your identity is 100% private until you decide to release it to someone who represents value to you. Simply take 10-15 minutes to build a profile and new, valuable opportunities will be presented to you.

Always know your market value! Join MAGNET