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Learn about Sheridan’s response to COVID-19 and our safety plans for limited in-person activity this fall.

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August 19, 2020

There’s no doubt that the start of school will look a bit different for students next month. But even in the face of a global pandemic, Sheridan’s commitment to academic quality and student success will never change. So, what will campus look like for our students?

High quality education
Faculty have spent the past few months retooling, rethinking and reorganizing creative and interactive ways that curriculum is delivered to students. Virtual simulation labs, remote musical productions and our Virtual Internship Program are just a few examples of how Sheridan will continue to stretch our students’ thinking, build their skills, advance their knowledge and immerse them in the joy of learning. Students will have learning experiences that are much more than recorded PowerPoint presentations and one-way video lectures.

Health and safety
Health and safety are Sheridan’s top priorities, and we’re ready to protect our students during any in-person activity their programs may require. That includes even more intensive cleaning protocols, maximum head counts on all of our campuses, enforcement of physical distancing, and mechanisms to report and track health status. We’re even providing students with “care kits” that include reusable masks.


The Sheridan Student Union believes just because students can’t be together, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy every bit of the #SheridanLife. The SSU has hosted a number of virtual activities over the summer and are continuing the festivities into the Fall. Yoga classes, live performances, tarot readings, online trivia, cooking demos and fitness classes are just a few of the ways the SSU is making sure students get involved and feel included. Learn more.

Sheridan Start
New students can register for Sheridan Smart – a virtual workshop designed to help new students begin their time at Sheridan. Sheridan Start helps students brush up on their core academic skills while becoming familiar with Sheridan’s online learning platforms.

Learn Well
The Learn Well Program prepares students for studying in an online environment through learning modules and virtual communities. Sheridan has embedded virtual learning supports – tutoring, library resources, academic advisement and virtual faculty office hours – within more than 120 first-year core courses. In addition to building a better sense of belonging in our virtual community, the Learn Well program teaches students how to navigate the challenges (and embrace the benefits) of a virtual learning environment, how to retain information in a virtual environment, and how assessments will be designed, delivered and completed.

Want to learn more? Click here to learn about the Fall experience Sheridan has planned for students.