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Leaving a Legacy through Life Insurance

June 06, 2014

So what is leaving a legacy all about? It can mean different things to different people. Some will immediately think of leaving extra money to a close friend or family member to remember you by. So this is not just about covering expenses on an ongoing basis, this is about leaving money above and beyond for someone else to use on a discretionary basis.

Others consider leaving a legacy to be about giving money to a favorite charity rather than an individual. Maybe it is a charity they have supported throughout their life or maybe it’s one they truly believed in but have not had the ability to financially support to the extent they would have liked.

Both can be considered when leaving a legacy, and in fact, you can name a charity as the beneficiary on your life insurance just as you can name an individual or a group of individuals. Some people will even do both.

So whether you want your life insurance to provide financial protection for your family or to leave a legacy for a favorite charity or someone close to you, your alumni association has arranged with Canada Life to offer term life insurance to Sheridan alumni and their spouses at exclusive low group rates. To find out more or to have your questions answered, visit Canada Life online or call them at 1-800-387-0649.