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International Student Charts Road to Success

February 20, 2015

Fernando Cruz
The Road to Success

After travelling to Australia to further his education and marketing experience, Fernando Cruz wanted more. “To invest in my career and gain additional experience, I decided to take Marketing Management at Sheridan College.” Why Canada and why Sheridan? A friend of Fernando’s who came to Canada in 2009, took the same course and is now enjoying his life in this country. “Consequently, it made my choice much easier and I had additional support while my wife and I adapted to our new life in Canada,” explained Fernando, who graduated in 2014.

There were some difficulties to overcome as an international student, said Fernando. “Learning how to get around, renting a place, paying bills, understanding how everything works and, at the same time, keeping up with my studies. Canadian culture is different from my home country of Brazil so I had to adapt to fit in, all of which contributed to a rich experience.” 

Although his subsequent job hunt was difficult, with the help of Sheridan staff, Fernando pulled through. “It wasn’t easy. I had applied for multiple positions within the GTA with no response. “Did I get frustrated? Yes. Did I throw the towel? Never! The co-op staff were incredible; they helped me to keep up with my job search and stay positive,” recalled Fernando.

Knowing the importance of networking, he spoke with as many people as possible who already worked in the marketplace to give him tips, advice and feedback on his resume and interview techniques. He also asked Sheridan staff for guidance whenever necessary. 

Finally, one of Fernando’s 150 applications proved to be a life-changer. In July 2014, he travelled to Stettler, Alberta to accept a Marketing Manager position at Western Canada Lottery Corporation. Sheridan’s Marketing Management Post Graduate program was of great benefit to his current role, he said. “Everything I learned at Sheridan I use on daily basis.” 

As for finding that career break following graduation, Fernando has these words of advice: “Don’t wait till the end of your program to create a job search strategy. Plan to start it earlier – at least two or three months before you graduate. Your career is a marathon, not a 100-metre race. Take your time to learn and build your network to face future challenges and opportunities.” 

By Dani Giles (Social Service Worker, 2012 & Art Fundamentals, 2011)
Marketing Career Education, Sheridan

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