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Paris Adams

Grads' site shows why bullying is anything but harmless

July 29, 2014

Three 2014 Sheridan Journalism New Media graduates, Chelsea Gomez, Sandra Mergulhão, and Paris Adams have created a compelling interactive bullying awareness site, Harmless, which launched earlier this year.

Established under the mentorship of Sheridan Professors Sherine Mansour and Randall Kapuscinski, “Harmless is meant to raise awareness about the serious issue of bullying,” says Paris. It is a topic that she has a strong personal connection to, after having been bullied personally on multiple occasions. “Harmless should make you want to stand up for your friends and refuse to be a bystander, because being bullied is anything BUT harmless”.

The site uses infographics and text elements to engage viewers, as well as compelling video footage featuring victims of bullying, family members, counsellors, education professionals, The Canadian Red Cross, and the Toronto Police underline the causes and effects behind bullying, and how to effectively get help.

Featured in The Hamilton Spectator, the site has also been submitted to the Online News Association 2014 Conference & Awards taking place in Chicago this September.

Since graduation, the three alumni have landed jobs in their field. Chelsea is applying her skills as a Regional Sales Representative and Marketing Coordinator for promotional marketing company Accent Group. Sandra produces freelance content for investing and finance site The Motely Fool and The Business News Network, and Paris is completing an internship with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

View the site here: