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Alumni News

Engineering a Bright Future

December 12, 2012

Growing up in Mississauga, Viran loved cars and all things mechanical. He studied engineering with an aim to enter the automotive field. But jobs were scarce in that sector and he was hired full time upon graduation as a mechanical draftsman at Ontario Power Generation (OPG) where he had completed his co-op placement.

However, as luck would have it, Viran found himself looking for work following several project cancellations by OPG.

“It was my first job out of school and I thought I couldn’t get another since I didn’t have enough work experience,” Viran recalls. “But I believe getting laid off was actually a positive event. It opened my eyes to other types of engineering work I hadn’t considered, including consulting.”

Viran was soon hired as a mechanical designer for AMEC which provides engineering consultancy and project management services in the world's oil and gas, mining and clean energy markets.

Viran finds his current work interesting on several levels. “I lay out equipment in 3D and create drawings for the construction crew to put together. It’s rewarding to see my work go from a preliminary 3D layout all the way to construction and plant operation.”

Traveling to various sites both locally and nationally is another advantage of his job, says Viran. “You can be working in a remote mining community at one point and in the heart of Toronto at another.”

Six years after graduation, Viran was back at his alma mater looking to meet soon-to-be engineering alumni. With 6,500 employees in 30 offices throughout Canada, AMEC is always in the market for bright new graduates.

His advice to newly minted alumni: “Don’t be focused on only one career path. There are many engineering opportunities in your field including consulting, sales and application engineering that may be right for you.”