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Alumni News

Early Childhood Education Grad Publishes First Book

April 11, 2013

Daniel Armiss applied the lessons he learned at Sheridan to completing his dream project: the recently published fantasy thriller, An Atlantean Tale: Broken World. Published by iUniverse, his story explores the implications of technological advancement using the fall of Atlantis as an example.  

“I credit my college instruction with giving me the courage to see the story through to publication. The overarching theme in early childhood education is that no goal is too lofty to achieve. You must ask yourself, ‘Why can’t I do it?’” says the 2012 alumnus.

A teacher at Woodland Children’s Centre in Burlington, Daniel is currently earning his Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at Charles Sturt University. Sheridan provided a great base from which to build a career, he says.

“The professors treated students professionally, showing that they truly cared about our future. I am very proud to have been a part of the Sheridan student community,” says Daniel who sees opportunities in his field expanding as the role of early childhood educators continues to evolve and gain respect.

Not that the road to success in any field will be free of obstacles, adds Daniel. “There might be times when you want to give up your goals when things don’t go the way you planned. But pursuing your dream is the key to happiness, and fulfillment.”