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Alumni News

Dora Awards Recognize Theatre Alumni and Faculty

June 24, 2013

Leading lights in Sheridan’s theatre programs are nominated for 2013 Dora Awards this month. Jon Grosz (Technical Production for Theatre and Live Events, 2013) received two nods in the Independent Theatre Division for Outstanding Set and Costume Design for his work on Mr. Marmalade. Jon is a Shaw Festival Intern with the prop shop for his second season as Buyer/Shop Assistant. 

The ensemble of Mirvish’s The Wizard of Oz, dominated by Sheridan grads, is nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in the Musical Theatre Division. 

Theatre and Drama Studies (TDS) Professor, David Matheson, was also recognized. His theatre company received four nominations for its production of Harold Pinter's, The Dumb Waiter. David produced and co-starred in the two-man play. Contributing as well were Hannah Jack and Jonathan Walls, (TDS, 2013) plus faculty Daniel Levinson. 

Theatre 20's new musical, Bloodless, received eight nominations in the Musical Theatre Division. Bloodless was work-shopped by students last summer as part of Sheridan’s Canadian Music Theatre Project summer program.