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Cycle Indoors to Stay Fit

February 14, 2013

If there is one activity that is ideal for people at any fitness level, it’s indoor cycling or spinning. Especially during the winter season when we can’t be outdoors as much as we would like.

“Those of all ages and body types can enjoy a cycle class for a variety of reasons, whether they have fitness goals to lose weight, tone their body or improve their heart health,” says Claudia Mormile, a cycle class instructor at LA Fitness in Brampton.

Participants can cycle at their own pace by controlling the resistance level on their stationary bike. The activity also offers a high-intensity workout with low-level joint impact, adds the 2012 graduate of Sheridan’s Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership program.

In fact, the activity is so vigorous that a 150-pound person can burn more than 360 calories in a 45-minute indoor cycling class, according to Fitness magazine. Indoor cycling is also time-efficient and easy, which are big advantages for many of us who are pressed for time.

A cycling enthusiast, Claudia turned to fitness training thanks in part to her family’s keen interest in sports and exercise. “It was hard not to be influenced growing up in that atmosphere,” she says.

Although fitness training seemed like a natural field of study for her, Claudia wasn’t sure she was making the right career choice at first.

“I lacked the self-confidence to succeed, but the help and support of friends and family gave me the mental kick to make it work.”

With its comprehensive curriculum and encouraging faculty, Sheridan’s program also provided her with the boost she needed to succeed, Claudia adds. “Kerry Braniff (Program Coordinator), in particular, made me feel extremely welcome.”

It was during her co-op placement at LA Fitness in Brampton that Claudia was exposed to group fitness leadership which proved to be a good fit. “For me, the fun and enthusiasm built into group work makes it more rewarding than personal training,” she explains. “You can use the interaction and energy of a group as a motivator.”