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Alumni News

Convocation 2014

Congratulations Class of 2014!

June 20, 2014

Thanks to our inspiring alumni speakers who offered nuggets of advice to Sheridan’s 2014 graduating class. Here’s a snapshot of their hard-earned wisdom.

Carly Agro (Journalism-New Media, 2009) Sports Reporter, CBC Television

Never forget these three words: “Why NOT you?” …because the sooner you start believing them the sooner you’ll start taking risks, making mistakes, learning from them and becoming the best version of yourself in this scary world we call “work.”

Pablo Vio (Interactive Multimedia, 2002), Founder and Creative Director, Jam3

Mediocrity is the standard; don’t be satisfied being a part of that. Know that the tools you’ve learnt in your academic career are stepping stones to accomplishing greatness.

Rose Streete (Community Outreach Worker, 2013), Project Coordinator, Setting the Stage Project, Peel Children and Youth Initiative

The impossible is waiting for someone just like you to make it possible. Be genuine, be resilient, but most of all, be creative because Sheridan College represents your springboard for you to launch your career.

Erica Cheah (Advertising, 1998), Media Group Invention Director, The Blue Hive

I have taken every opportunity to ensure that I share what I have learned with those that are following. There is a saying in hip-hop “Each One Teach One”, meaning that our values can’t continue unless we teach those following us what we have learned. 

Justin Cote (Business Administration-Accounting, 2006), Assistant Manager in Assurance and Advisory, Deloitte

This does not have to be the end. You have proven to yourself now that, if you set a goal for yourself you can achieve it. And so I ask everyone here… is this all you got?

Clarence Wallace (BAHS, Exercise Science and Health Promotion, 2008), Director, Icon Fitness

What will set you apart? It is not the job you do. Rather, it is who you are and how you do your job.

Tracy Ashton (Chemical Engineering Technology, Co-op, 2001), Project Leader in Lean Six Sigma, Apotex

The world needs all of you. Don’t worry, there are jobs just waiting for you. There are always people to talk to and resources available to you.

Susie Beghin (Early Childhood Education, 2011), Owner, Alpha’s Discovery Club

Never let go of your dream. Let it motivate you. No matter what obstacles you encounter in your career, you need to keep going, stay positive and your dreams can come true, as mine did.

Jeff Foster (Emergency Management, 2011), Detective Sargeant, Halton Regional Police Service

I wanted an occupation that was challenging and provided me with future opportunities to grow. Sheridan opened new doors in my career development that may not have existed otherwise.

Sarah Cownley (Crafts and Design-Textiles, 2003), Owner, Glimpse Creations

You will advance and succeed in your career if you take risks, but stay true to yourself.

Rachel Bosley (Business Administration-Marketing, 2009), Marketing Associate, Destiny Solutions

Enrolling at Sheridan was the best decision I ever made. Staff and faculty gave me the boost in confidence I needed to pursue my career.