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Chance to see Sheridan's latest technology proves to be a big draw

June 20, 2014

More than 100 alumni, faculty, staff and guests gathered for a close-up look at Sheridan’s 3D printer technology and new robotics technology last month. They attended Sheridan’s first open house at the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technology (CAMDT) at the Davis Campus.

Guests of the event which was sponsored by the Alumni Office, were able to watch real-time 3D printing demonstrations and discuss the process by which each piece was designed and created. Several alumni remarked on how exciting it was for new students to be exposed to these cutting-edge methods of manufacturing, particularly in light of Sheridan’s path to becoming a university.

Among those in attendance was Dr. Farzad Rayegani, Associate Dean of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology at Sheridan. “This is what’s it’s all about” he explained. “We are training for skills that will be important five years from now” through Sheridan’s partnerships with local businesses and manufacturers, and the new technology that the college has acquired. “Training with the technology that we have is exciting for both the faculty and the students,” added Rayegani. Sheridan recently received robotics technology courtesy of ABB robotics, a long-time partner of the Centre.

Hargurdeep Singh, a recipient of the Education at Work Ontario 2014 Student of the Year Award for his involvement with CAMDT, was also on hand to demonstrate and explain the process of additive manufacturing. “It’s a new technology, not a lot of people are exposed to, so we are a pioneer in this field, in a way,” he said. Singh also offered tours around the facility, explaining the use of other devices on site such as a water-cutter, which students have been using to create joint projects along with the 3D printer.