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Matt Ingram

Capturing the moment

October 28, 2015

For the fortieth anniversary of the Toronto International Film Festival, a group of Sheridan grads braved rain and cold to capture the event on video.

Our team of filmmakers and journalists spent three days interviewing artists, fans and families taking part in a celebration called Festival Street from September 10-13. Sheridan, in collaboration with TIFF, had their own hashtags which helped gain a significant social media presence on Twitter all weekend. The hashtags #SheridanGradsAtTIFF and #SheridanAtTIFF were all part of Sheridan’s coverage at the Festival Street Event.

I was a social media correspondent, responsible for taking photos, shooting videos and attempting to capture the enormity of our experience in 140 characters or less. As we worked, my phone kept dying. I was using it nonstop and now I had to rush to find an outlet, eat some food and try and dry off.

Along King Street, I heard bands playing different types of music and felt an excitement that poured out of the crowds. Celebrities like George Clooney, Tom Hardy and Kristen Stewart arrived for film premieres as rain-soaked fans lined the street hoping for a glimpse.

I looked up and saw some of the others struggling to keep the equipment dry. This didn’t seem like the champagne and caviar soaked glitz and glamour most people associate with TIFF. This was hard work.

Despite the challenges, our group of volunteers didn’t complain. Instead, we smiled and laughed, pushing each other to keep going. I went inside the TIFF Lightbox and found an outlet. My phone came back to life and I began swiping through photos. I watched a video of the team dancing to keep warm and smiled.

Were we nuts? No, we were just proof of something I discovered while at Sheridan: Passion is what makes a career a calling, and learning that is the first step to true success.

As a journalist covering an event, sometimes I had to sit on the floor, wet, hungry and tired trying to finish my job under the pressure of a deadline; but that’s just part of the story. I also get to see unique moments many people aren’t lucky enough to experience.

As I finished inside and went out to meet the others, I felt a new energy. I already knew becoming a journalist was my calling but the TIFF assignment was just more proof. Time to work.

Thanks to Matt and his fellow alumni for capturing and sharing all the action on Festival Street. Cameron Anderson, Spencer Brown, Heck Carreon, Lucas Casaletto, Stacey Lambert, Kyle Carrie Mattimoe, Aaron Setton, Christopher Smart, Kim Smith, Zach Smith, Ana Starova, Vanessa Vedia, Mitchell Wollziefer, Andrea Zdzyloak and Heather Zions.

Alumni at TIFF

Sheridan Alumni at TIFF

Sheridan Alumni at TFF

Sheridan Alumni at TFF