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California Grads Catch up at Animation Expo

December 12, 2012

Animators from the top studios in the world were among the 48 grads who reconnected at a reunion held during the Creative Talent Network Animation Expo in California.

The Creative Talent Network (CTN) is a high-profile artist-focused event that takes place in Burbank CA, home to iconic studios like Disney and Dreamworks. Many of our animation graduates have been recruited by these celebrated studios and many others have become significant creative forces in numerous west coast animation companies. There were at least 15 of our alumni exhibiting at the expo, all showcasing some very impressive work.

The Sheridan table attracted a great number of people who heard about our institution at the expo and decided to check us out. Many more who knew us well stopped by to say hi and praised the quality of our animation program and our graduates.

Our alumni networking event attracted high profile animators, all thankful for the opportunity to meet each other. A highlight of the event was a candid interview with one of founders of Sheridan’s animation program, Bill Matthews.

Thank you to all who attended.

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Tony Tarantini BDes, MA
Professor, BAA (Animation) Program