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Nik Zabaljac

Balancing the Books

April 17, 2015

On his first-ever high-school trip to the big city, Nik Zabaljac fell in love with Toronto’s financial district’s lifestyle, fast pace and the trading game.

Almost a decade later, at 23, he is an Associate Financial Advisor with Raymond James Ltd., an independent investment and wealth management firm. His office is in the same building he visited with his aunt during that memorable trip.

Taking business courses in high school helped him get into Sheridan’s Banking and Wealth Management Advanced Diploma from which he graduated last year. He found the course work was just what he had been looking for. According to Nik, the co-op placement was the best feature of the program, along with the opportunity to develop communication and networking skills.

Not only did he study hard at Sheridan, Nik also learned to spend his money wisely. He believes young graduates can lose track of their money. “It’s easy to spend on unnecessary expenses,” he says. “Getting caught up in debt is not difficult. So budget and try to figure out what is essential and what you can do without.”

Nik advises students to save spare cash for a rainy day. “If you have time to go party, you have time to go work a three-hour shift to earn money for lunch,” he adds, stressing the importance of time management.

There are a number of apps, online programs or even Microsoft Excel available to track spending and savings. “You sit down, type in a few numbers, and it does all the work for you! Our biggest obstacle when it comes to putting money away is procrastination; so just do it.”

Some money-handling tips he shares include setting up automatic payments, putting aside a certain amount every month and exploring money saving and investment options offered by employers or banks. “Learn about products offered and start to invest your money,” he advises. “Set goals, and remember, the road to achieving them is never a straight one. It comes with many turns and hills.”

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By Mehreen Shahid, Journalism – Print, 2015