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November 03, 2011

Film to Air at Oakville’s SilverCity Cinema on December 7 and CBC Documentary Channel on December 12

Cory Trepanier explores the wild places in Canada, capturing the exquisite natural beauty and raw power on canvas, all while filming his adventures as he travels. His second documentary, Into the Arctic II premiered in Cory’s hometown of Caledon, Ontario on October 20. The premiere kicked off a film tour that will eventually find its way back to remote Iqaluit, the gateway for his incredible journey. The film lands in Oakville on December 7 at the Silvercity Cinemas on Wyecroft Road. 

Into the Arctic II is the second chapter of a story that began in 2006. In his first film, Into the Arctic, the 1988 Art Fundamentals grad is joined by his wife and their two young daughters. His family returned from the unforgiving north with harrowing stories of grizzly bear encounters, a massive storm, and many breathtaking oil paintings by Cory. The 90-minute film depicts the rare beauty of a landscape few families ever get the opportunity to explore.

Cory knew that he would need to leave his family behind on his next adventure even further north. The dangers of travelling in the remote wilderness with no access to civilization for emergencies, and the sheer physical magnitude of his ambitious journey dictated their absence for this expedition.

During his three months of trekking through 12 Arctic locations, Cory encountered polar bears and Arctic wolves. He explored Mount Thor, the highest sheer rock face in the world, painted at the edge of Wilberforce Falls - the highest waterfall in the world above the Arctic Circle - all with his easel and canvasses strapped to his back.

Cory explains, “Through sharing my film with you on the big screen, it is my hope that you too sense the wonder that is out there in our great, beautiful backyard.”

CBC Documentary Channel will air Into the Arctic I at 9:00 pm ET on December 12, followed directly by Into the Arctic II at 10:00 pm ET, with additional airings to be scheduled on CBC BOLD later this season.

Oakville screening:

Silvercity, 3531 Wyecroft Road, 7:30pm

$20.00 [$5.00 to be donated to a local arts organization (TBA)]

Buy tickets online, watch the trailer and check screening location listings:

Into the Arctic

Into the Arctic