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Alumni News

Architectural Students Offered Real-World Projects

March 14, 2013

Architectural Technology students are putting their technical skills into practice by working with real clients to create renovation design plans. All projects are overseen by Program Coordinator and alumnus Kurtis Van Keulen as part of a final year course.  A custom home designer, Kurtis is passionate about the importance of this unique program. 

“The home residential design course preps students to deal with real projects and all the complications that come along with them,” says the 2004 Architectural Technology graduate. “I had a great experience with the course when I was at Sheridan. It helped me understand the process and consult clients with their renovations and additions,” adds Kurtis who also consults about building code and certification issues.

Clients gain a set of “as-is” drawings illustrating the existing house configuration, as well as a series of concept design proposals for a renovation to their house, usually including floor plans, elevations, sections and 3-D drawings. And all at no cost.   Work on 10 renovation design plans is now underway. Thanks to Sheridan staff (many of whom are alumni) who helped put the word out about this worthy project.

Architectural Program alumni are welcome to become involved in this and other initiatives as mentors to current students or class speakers.  For more information, contact Kurtis: