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Canadians Abroad

Alumni in California celebrate Canadian connection

May 27, 2014

Sheridan alumni working in California had a chance to network, socialize and share the common bonds between them at an event in West Hollywood on May 3rd.

Sheridan sponsored the evening, which was hosted by Canadians Abroad, a Los Angeles based group dedicated to connecting Canadians in Southern California. Sheridan grads were among Canadian university and college alumni who gathered at the Soho House to mingle with a panel of guests who spoke at the event.

Among the panelist was Rex Grignon, Head of Character Animation at DreamWorks and a 1984 Classical Animation graduate. Rex reminded guests how important a role their work plays in representing Canadian talent and national identity. In a similar vein, a popular discussion topic of the evening centred on maintaining a Canadian identity, while still finding a voice in the American job market.

Samantha Slattery (Advertising, 1999), a board member with Canadians Abroad who has worked in New York, London, and Los Angeles since graduating, helped to organize the event. Throughout her travels and work she admittedly waves the Sheridan flag. The founder of Republic Presents, an event management and production consultancy launching this fall in Toronto. Sam has over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry.

The Canadians Abroad event proved to be popular from the start, says Sam. “The event was sold out well in advance of the evening.” She adds, “It was a great opportunity for guests to meet other professionals in their industries whose careers have taken them outside Canada”.

Other notable speakers of the evening included Consul General James Villeneuve, who opened the event; The Honourable Dr. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, who spoke on mentorship; and Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre, star of television show Under the Dome who’s often known for her role as Victoria in the Twilight series, who moderated the speaker’s panel.