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Alumni Artists Highlighted in World of Threads Festival

November 03, 2012

The work of 15 alumni and faculty is featured at this year’s World of Threads Festival. An international showcase of contemporary fibre art, the festival features exhibitions in Oakville from Nov.2-18 and Toronto from November 9 to December 2. A highlight was the major exhibition, Memento Mori, at the Sheridan Gallery at the Trafalgar Road Campus on opening day. The 2012 festival has 21 exhibitions and nearly 200 artists from 12 countries.

The following talented grads and faculty Libby Hague (Art & Art History) are exhibiting their work at this year’s festival:

Wendy Anderson (Crafts and Design Textiles, 2008)

Chamila Belleth (Crafts and Design Textiles, 2012)

Micaela Fitzsimmons (Interior Design, 1994)

Lisa Kemp (Crafts and Design Textiles, 1994)

Mary McKenzie (Crafts and Design Ceramics, 2010)

Wendy O’Brien (Fashion Design and Techniques, 2000)

Peggy Mersereau (Crafts and Design Textiles, 1999)

Meghan MacDonald (Crafts and Design Textiles, 2010)

Lisa Jayne Irvine (Art & Art History, 1998)

Keiley Stewart (Crafts and Design Textiles, 2011)

Alana McLeod (Crafts and Design Textiles 2010, Applied Photography, 2005)

Valerie Knapp (Crafts and Design Fabrics, 1975)

Pat Hertzberg Fashion Design and Techniques, 1972)

Lizz Aston (Crafts and Design Fabrics, 2009)

Dream #3 Valerie Knapp Pat Hertzberg
Dream #3
embroidery in a vintage silver tooth box 
by Valerie Knapp
More about Valerie Knapp
(Crafts and Design Fabrics, 1975)
More about Pat Hertzberg
(Fashion Design and Techniques, 1972)
 The Quiet Zone  De rerum natura  
The Quiet Zone
The Gallery at Queen Elizabeth Park Community 
& Cultural Centre
Curator: Dawne Rudman
De rerum natura (On The Nature of Things)
Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre
Curator: Gareth Bate

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