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One Red Lipstick

Alumna share inspiring stories

March 27, 2016

What do Linda Lundstrom, Charmaine Hammond and Anne Day have in common? Apart from all being graduates from Sheridan College, they also have their stories in a new book, One Red Lipstick, which was launched on March 8, International Women’s Day. The accompanying documentary will premiere in May.

In One Red Lipstick, 24 entrepreneurial women from across North America share their stories – often ones of resiliency and tenacity as they overcame the challenges they faced.

Fashion icon Linda Lundstrom shares how it felt when after 27 years of running a super-successful business, she had to close its doors and declare bankruptcy after the bank called in her loan. “If what you are doing fails, ride that failure like a gift, because it will take you somewhere. Accept it graciously and doors will open,” advises the 1972 Fashion and Design graduate.

A near-death sailing accident taught Charmaine an important life lesson about asking for help. A 1985 graduate of the Correctional Worker program, Charmaine has since gone on to launch Team Toby, travelling across North America encouraging people to foster an attitude of giving back through a million acts of kindness.

As for Anne Day, a cancer diagnosis, caused her to pause and reflect on what was important in her life, and she changed her focus as a result. She closed her consulting business and focused her energies on Company of Women, an organization she started to support women entrepreneurs.

Regardless of their situations, the women in One Red Lipstick, take a similar stance: they dust themselves off, focus and get on with their lives, choosing to pursue success on their own terms.

The One Red Lipstick project was started by twenty-something Spenser Chapple, who was searching for role models – and she found them.  

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