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Canada Life

A message from our affinity partner Canada Life: Life Insurance for younger alumni

November 24, 2015

Life insurance isn’t just for older people. Even younger Canadians can benefit from having life insurance coverage. In fact, when starting out in life, many people are less likely to have money saved to cover existing debts should the unthinkable happen.

Fortunately, it’s easier to get approved for life insurance coverage when you are younger and before any health concerns arise. And now, getting covered is even more affordable with the Getting Started Life Insurance Plan underwritten by Canada Life for Sheridan alumni.

The Getting Started Life Insurance Plan is group insurance for alumni ages 18 to 30 that provides up to $50,000 in life insurance coverage for a low one-time payment. Once approved, your coverage remains in force until you turn 31, regardless of any changes in health. And while you’re covered under this plan, you are pre-approved for double your coverage when you enroll in the Alumni Term Life Insurance Plan any time after your 29th birthday.

To learn more about the Getting Started Life Insurance Plan or the Alumni Term Life Insurance Plan, call Canada Life at 1-800-387-0649 or visit them online. No matter where you are in your decision on getting life insurance, Canada Life is available to help.

Click here to learn about the Getting Started and Alumni Term Life Insurance Plans