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SDHtoronto. Every human deserves the feeling of belonging, safety and the joy of equality. Inclusive styles! #designsthatspeak2U4U. Follow us @SDHtoronto.

Our mission

Our mission is to evoke awareness, empowerment and inspiration through our designs to create unprovoked, necessary conversations about “race.” We strive to educate, foster positive dialog and partnerships among changemakers, politicians, influencers and families that will solve the inequalities between “races” because every human deserves the feeling of belonging, safety and the joy of equality.

Our vision

Our vision is to inspire consumers to use their purchasing power to invest massively in the Black community so that we have a stronger political position to make actionable changes. We are also all about encouraging the youth to aspire to ownership because generational wealth is so important for our community to grow. SDHtoronto will continue to produce empowering designs to help foster much-needed change. With your help, we will empower lives all across the globe and make equality a reality in our lifetime.

What is SDHtoronto?

SDHtoronto represents our initials: Sandra (mom and proud Sheridan alumni) plus Shanon (1st son), Daniel (2nd son) Hamilton (last name) – Toronto, where I made a promise, I would one day live and have my family in Canada.

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