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Hocoos AI is here to make your web design journey quicker & easier than ever. Our user-friendly platform takes the hassle out of creating a website, making it a fun experience for everyone, from students to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Create Your Free Website in a Snap

With Hocoos, the process is as easy as answering 8 questions. The Hocoos AI takes those answers and turns them into your own unique website, built before your very eyes. It's that simple! But why stop there when you can unlock even more magic?

Upgrade to Premium and Get It All

By going Premium for just $15 a month, you'll have access to everything you need to take your website to pro-level. Our AI-powered tools empower you to design, write, and engage like a pro.

Sheridan Alumni receive 15% off the premium plan.

Use code Sheridan-Alumni-15OFF to enjoy a 15% discount on all recurring charges.

Premium Perks:

  • AI Content Creation: Let the AI write captivating content for you.
  • AI Logo Generator: Create a unique logo in an instant.
  • AI Image Auto Complete: Enhance visuals effortlessly.
  • Free Web Hosting: Your site is hosted for free.
  • Online Payment Capabilities: Seamlessly handle payments.
  • 600,000+ Free Stock Images: Find the perfect visuals.
  • Marketing Integrations: Connect with ease.
  • Custom Email and Domain: Your personalized touch.
  • Email Marketing Tools: Keep your audience engaged.

Create your free website today and watch it thrive with Hocoos. Visit to discover more. Your online success story starts here!


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