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The World Premiere of Chris, Mrs. – A New Holiday Musical

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The Winter Garden Theatre, Toronto
December 5–31, 2023

Chris, Mrs. – A New Holiday Musical is coming to The Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto!

Ring in the holiday season with the Chris family, where the everyday collides with the enchanted. Our story begins in the city, where festiveless father Ben Chris leverages his late parents’ lodge in exchange for a promotion. The only problem is, his brother Charlie still runs it. Ben reluctantly decides to head there to convince him to sell, packing up his socialite girlfriend Vicki, and his children – teenage daughter Claire and troublemaking twins Samuel and Samantha.

After discovering a ring in their father’s suitcase, the twins write to Santa for assistance, which seems to appear in the form of Holly, a seasonal employee at the lodge. Between Charlie’s nostalgic nature and Holly’s Christmas cheer, it soon becomes a holiday no one will forget. Full of mischief and mistletoe, twisted ankles and tangled heartstrings, Chris, Mrs. is a heart-warming story that will make you laugh and is bound to be your new holiday musical tradition!

Chris, Mrs. – A New Holiday Musical is produced by Boldly Productions and features a cast of 17 talented Canadian actors, as well as an original score and story written by married couple, Katie Kerr and Matt Stodolak. Chris, Mrs. is the perfect holiday experience for families, friends, couples and groups.

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