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Call for Capstone Projects from Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business

BBABBA CapstoneFor Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students, collaborating with businesses in the GTA region means an opportunity to solve real-world problems, help strengthen local economies and develop relationships with the community’s best and brightest entrepreneurs.

Every year a new group of Pilon School of Business students enter their final year to collaborate on unique and cumulative experience of working on a Capstone project, a comprehensive project completed over the course of their final semester of the program. Capstones are integrated with the curriculum, give students a hands-on opportunity to work directly with industry to apply all their knowledge and skills to create a practical applied solution to a real industry problem.

Sheridan’s BBA Capstone project brings together cross-disciplinary teams from Sheridan’s five business degree programs: accounting, finance, human resources, marketing and supply chain.

Student teams work about 15 weeks on each project, looking at everything from search engine optimization to international manufacturing options to prioritizing investments for maximum growth. Each team is supervised by a faculty member throughout the academic term. Students explore questions such as “Should marketing investment come before supply chain investment? Should there be a little more emphasis on the human resources side? What impact with this have on the socioeconomic environment?”

At the end of the project, partnering businesses are presented with a business plan, with strategic and operational deliverables as a solution to their problem.


  • Work with the next generation before you hire
  • Fresh new ideas and perspectives
  • Enthusiastic team of students working on your project, advised by experienced faculty to help with complex technical issues
  • Low-cost exploration of new business ideas
  • Explore products or services that are outside of your organization’s current business plan
  • Connect with Sheridan College academic community
  • Students will provide approximately 160 hours of work, without financial payment dedicated to solving your problem

Commitment & Resources:

Partners will have a time commitment of approximately 35-40 hours over the course of 15 weeks. Partners meet with Sheridan business students every other week or every third week throughout the semester and will also be asked to provide feedback on assignments. Partners will be invited to attend a final capstone presentation at the end of the academic term.

Capstone projects run during the Fall (September – December), Spring/Summer (May – August) and Winter (January – April) academic terms.

Previous Organizations Participants:

  • Atlas 365
  • Ecosystems Informatics
  • Simplified Automation
  • Moonbeam Trading
  • City of Brampton
  • 100KM Foods Inc.

Read about the project overview

Interested in partnering with Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business on a Capstone project? Contact the Pilon School of business at

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