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Robotics Fundamentals

You May Be Interested If:

You're a senior level secondary school student who wants to explore an interest in careers in electromechanical engineering.

What Will I Learn/Do?

You will take one course: In the Robotics Fundamentals course, you will be given an introduction to robotics and you will learn and become familiar with the fundamentals of robotics. You will also learn how to program a robot system.

Secondary Credits  1
Days/Wk 1
# Of Weeks 15
Term Winter
Campus/City Davis/Brampton
Courses Robotics Fundamentals                           
Dual Credit Codes TIC4T
College Codes ENGI25219

Course Descriptions:

Robotics Fundamentals

This course is designed to be an introduction to robotics. The scope will be that of an introduction and familiarizing of robotic fundamentals. This will include the history and present day use of robots in industry. The Participant will be able to identify many types of robots and applications that they can be assigned to perform. He/She will be introduced to the operation and basic programming of a robot system.

Pathways to Full Time Sheridan Programs:

If you enjoyed your dual credit program and have decided you'd like a career in Electromechanical Engineering, you can apply for the full-time Electromechanical Engineering Technician/Technology program at Sheridan's Davis Campus in Brampton. Here are some fast facts about the program:

  • Electromechanical Engineering Technician/Technology is a two or three year Ontario College Diploma program.
  • You can graduate in just two years with an electromechanical engineering technician diploma and go directly into the workforce.
  • The three-year program confers an electromechanical engineering technology credential and includes the opportunity to apply for a paid co-op work placement.
  • If you're accepted into the program, the robotics dual credit course you’ve completed successfully will be counted as a course already completed in your full time Electromechanical Engineering Technician/Technology Diploma program.

Further Academic/Career Pathways:

When you successfully complete the Electromechanical Engineering Technician/Technology full time Diploma program, you will be ready to start your career in Electromechanical Engineering! Graduates who go into the workforce are qualified to design, install, maintain, operate, supervise and service complex electromechanical systems. Electromechanical engineering technicians and technologists are well suited to find employment in many sectors of industry and commerce. Common industries may include: energy, food processing and beverage, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and aerospace. Graduates from this program frequently continue their education at the university level, obtaining an undergraduate degree in Engineering or Technology.

Please contact your Guidance Department for further information and/or to apply for this program

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