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Second Career Application Process for Full-time Programs

Below is a summary of the application process for Second Career. For clarification and to avoid complications and delays, we strongly urge you to attend a Sheridan Second Career Information Session, which covers the college application process.

Employment Ontario will require you to attend a mandatory government information session, which covers the funding portion of Second Career. For general information about the Second Career initiative, please visit the Second Career government website.

As a very quick overview, Second Career requires two applications: 1) the Second Career FUNDING application and 2) the Second Career COLLEGE application.

Second Career FUNDING application

Are you eligible to apply for Second Career funding?

Please note that the Ontario government determines who is eligible to apply for Second Career funding through the EMPLOYMENT ONTARIO Community Employment Service Provider offices (the addresses of the offices in the Sheridan area are noted on our Employment Agencies webpage).

If you have not already done so, please review the list to find an office close to your home and make an appointment to talk with an Employment Consultant. Only an Employment Consultant can determine your eligibility to apply for Second Career funding. If you are eligible to apply for Second Career funding, please review Point 2 below for next steps.

Second Career COLLEGE application

If you are eligible to apply for Second Career funding, you will require a Second Career "Confirmation of Acceptance" letter for your final submission to the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. To obtain your "Confirmation of Acceptance" letter, you need to do the following:

1. Choose a program.

You and your Employment Consultant will discuss the best Sheridan program to take that falls within the maximum one year program length that Second Career will fund. Sheridan’s Certificate, Ontario College Graduate Certificate and Micro-Credential programs fall within this maximum length.

Please note that funded training under the Second Career initiative focuses on education that leads to careers in occupations that are classified under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes of B or C. Your Employment Consultant will guide you in choosing an appropriate program that falls under a NOC of B or C. You may review Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to find out more about NOC codes.

Learn more about Sheridan’s full-time programs. In particular, please review the specific program admission requirements for each program – you must meet these requirements to be extended an offer to Sheridan which will be confirmed in your "Confirmation of Acceptance" Letter.

If you need Academic Upgrading to meet the program admission requirements, you may be eligible for Second Career funding for one year of Sheridan’s Academic Upgrading as part of your training. Speak to your Employment Consultant about Second Career funding for upgrading. Visit Academic Upgrading to learn more about upgrading at Sheridan.

2. Research the program

As part of the funding application process, you will be required to research the program you and your Employment Consultant agree upon. Your Employment Consultant will discuss your research requirement with you. As a courtesy to help with this requirement, Sheridan has prepared Program Profiles that answer the research questions. These Program Profiles can be found on our Information for Research page. The programs on this page fall within the two year maximum program length allowable by Second Career.

3. Apply to the program

Once you and your Employment Consultant have agreed upon a Sheridan program, you have researched it and received a go-ahead from your Employment Consultant, your next step is to apply to your program choice at, the Ontario Colleges Application Service website.

An application processing fee, currently $95, which covers the application cycle for the September–January–May intakes, will apply.

Note: Make sure you indicate that you are seeking Second Career funding by choosing the “Agency Sponsored Second Career” option from the drop down mention on the Financial Support page under the question “Do you have or are you in the process of getting sponsorship?” (see sample below). This information is MANDATORY if you wish to receive a "Confirmation of Acceptance" letter.


4. Provide proof that you have the program admission requirements

You are required to provide proof to Sheridan via that you meet Sheridan program admission requirements by:

A) Providing Transcripts or an Evaluation of International Education

  • Domestic transcripts must be sent from the issuing institution to Sheridan College via Ontario Colleges.
  • International transcripts must be evaluated by WES or ICAS. WES or ICAS will send your evaluation to Sheridan via Ontario Colleges.


b) Requesting Mature Student Testing

Apply as a mature student at Ontario Colleges if you meet these criteria:

  • 19 years of age or older
  • AND
  • Never graduated from high school in Canada or any other country at any time

Sheridan Second Career Acceptance Letter

  1. If you meet the admission requirements and if there is still room in the program, you will be extended an offer of admission to the program. Please accept your offer at
  2. Sheridan will prepare your "Confirmation of Acceptance" letter and send a copy to you via email with the original hard copy sent in the mail.
  3. You will give a copy of your Acceptance Letter to your Employment Consultant. S/he will forward it to the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development and they will decide if you are approved for funding. Please allow at least 3 weeks for the Ministry to review your funding application once received.
  4. If you are approved for funding you will sign a contract and submit a copy of your contract to Sheridan.
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