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Tuition Policy FAQs

What are the changes provincially?

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities announced Revisions to the College’s Binding Policy Directive and operating Procedure on Tuition and Ancillary Fees. This December 2013 documentation identifies policy change that will guide institutions in their tuition billing practices.

The Ontario College Registrars have committed to working jointly to implement the new MTCU Policy for the 2015/2016 academic year in accordance with these principles:

  1. Consistency in our approach to tuition deposits, payment dates, late fees and refunds,
  2. Effective, timely and consistent communication with students, and
  3. Adjustment to our internal systems to ensure effective implementation.

What are the changes at Sheridan?

  1. What is the amount of my deposit?
Domestic FT students pay a $500 non-refundable deposit. Domestic PT students pay a $340 deposit. International students pay full fees by the due date noted on their invoices.
  1. Why is the fee deposit needed?
In 2013, the Ontario government announced it would introduce a fairer approach to defer fees, ensuring students are not asked to pay for their tuition before their OSAP funding arrives. This approach also recognizes the needs of colleges which require confirmation of the acceptance of admission offers in order to appropriately plan for the delivery of programs. The non-refundable deposit ensures that we will reserve a seat for you in the program. It commits you to attend classes and pay the balance for your outstanding fees by the deadline indicated on your invoice.
  1. When may I withdraw from the program and/or the college?
Students may withdraw in writing from their program by the withdrawal dates posted on our Academic Calendar. If the student stops attending classes and does not officially withdraw, or if the student withdraws after the withdrawal deadline, no refund will be issued and all outstanding fees must be paid.
  1. What will be the amount of my refund?
For Domestic students who withdraw in writing to the Office of the Registrar by the withdrawal deadline, a partial refund will be dependent on specific circumstances, course selection and program-related fees.

For International students who withdraw in writing by the withdrawal deadline: The non-refundable registration amount varies by program and will be calculated as follows: International Student Tuition Fee ÷ Domestic Student Tuition Fee X $500

  1. What is the procedure to withdraw from the program and/or the college?
To officially withdraw from Sheridan, a completed Application for Term or Complete Program Withdrawal form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Students considering withdrawal are advised to consult with the Student Advisement Centre. Please refer to Sheridan’s Academic Calendar for specific term withdrawal dates. International students are required to meet with an International Student Coordinator at the International Centre.
  1. What are my payment deadlines?
Deposit: please refer to your online fee invoice and our Academic Calendar
Final Fees Due: please refer to your online fee invoice and our Academic Calendar
  1. How does this impact me if I am receiving OSAP?
OSAP applicants are required to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit by the due date. Outstanding fees must be paid by the due date noted on their fee invoice. If you choose not to have your OSAP funds re-directed to Sheridan to pay your tuition fees, you are responsible to pay your fees directly to Sheridan by the due date.
  1. How does this impact me if I am an international student?
International students must pay full term fees by the due date noted on their invoice.
  1. How does this impact me if I am a student sponsored by another agency?
Some sponsored students are not required to pay the $500 non-refundable deposit unless it is specified in their sponsorship letters.
  1. What are my choices for payment method?
The preferred method is via online banking. Please allow 7 business days to process such payments, providing sufficient time for your payment to reach Sheridan by the due date. Late payments on the outstanding balance are subject to a $150 late fee. Students who pay late will experience delays in receiving timetable information and risk losing their space in a program and/or course.
  1. If I have already paid the deposit for one program, but I now wish to accept a different offer at Sheridan, what happens to my $500 deposit?
If you are changing programs within Sheridan before the 5th day of classes for the first term, your deposit can be transferred and applied to your new program of choice. Please call our Contact Centre at 905-845-9430, and select option 4 to discuss the process.