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Completing your Language Assessment

What is involved in the Assessment? 

Your Language Assessment is written at the Trafalgar Campus in Oakville, Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga or at Davis campus in Brampton (see "Booking your Language Assessment”). Upon arrival at your assessment location, you sign in. The invigilator who oversees your assessment asks you to provide valid photo identification such as your student card or driver’s license. Once checked in, the invigilator reviews the assessment requirements with you and distributes the assessment.

You are directed to write a formal essay on one of a choice of topics. You have one hour and fifteen minutes to complete your essay. Access to a dictionary is provided. When the 75 minutes is over, the assessments are collected by the invigilator and forwarded to a faculty grader for assessment.

How will the Language Assessment be marked

All essays are marked by two Communications professors who determine your placement by evaluating the following: 
  • how well you focus, develop and organize your ideas, 
  • how you organize the essay in well structured paragraphs, 
  • how appropriately you express yourself, and 
  • how accurately you use the conventions of written language: grammar and mechanics. 
Based on your assessment scores, you will consequently be placed into either Communication Foundations (COMM19997) or Essential Communication Skills (COMM19999). Note: Students who are placed into Communication Foundations will then need to complete Essential Communication Skills; a course fee will apply.

Language assessment scoring rubric

Each Language Assessment is rated by 2 different faculty members on a scale of 1 to 6; no marks are placed on the papers to eliminate the chance of the second rater being unduly influenced. Each rater recommends whether the essay indicates placement in Communication Foundations or Essential Communication Skills (ECS).When there is a discrepancy between the two raters, a third rating is conducted.
Students who achieve the average score of 3 or less will be placed in the Communication Foundations course. Students who achieve the average score of 3.5 or higher will be placed in the Essential Communication Skills course.

View the Language Assessment Rubric

Language Assessment Results 

Once you have written your Assessment, it will be graded and the scores entered into our student information system. Your Communications Skills course will be identified on your timetable as COMM19999 (Essential Communications Skills) or COMM19997 (Communication Foundations). 

Communications classes will begin the first week of the semester. Refer to your timetable to determine the date and location of your Communications course. Communications courses are indicated on your timetable as either COMM19997 (Communication Foundations) or COMM19999 (Essential Communication Skills).

Timetables will be available approximately two weeks before the start of term. To check the most current version of your timetable:

  • Log in to myStudent Centre with your Sheridan username and password
  • Once inside myStudent Centre, click on the Enroll link under the Academics section
  • Select the ‘As of Date’ (e.g. September 4, 2018) – the first week of classes and then select Go.

Note: Students who are placed, based on the results of their Language Assessment, into Communication Foundations will then need to complete Essential Communications Skills; a course fee will apply.

Language Assessment Appeals

You may appeal the results of your Language Assessment within 5 days of receiving your test results. To appeal, submit a completed and signed copy of the Language Assessment Appeal form to Olga Gurina at: