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Police Foundations


You May Be Interested If:

You're a senior-level secondary student who wants to explore an interest in a career and/or further studies in the field of public safety and policing. The Internet, new laws and the threat of terrorism have changed modern police work, making it a career with many opportunities. Find out more by taking the dual credit program!

What Students Are Saying About This Program

“I chose to take the dual credit course because I needed more credits to graduate, as well, I wanted to feel more independent. I also took this course to better my future. I have succeeded in my dual credit courses and I am very happy and I feel accomplished.”

“I chose to take dual credit to gain knowledge on what I want to be. I liked that the teacher made it comfortable and he made me gain so much knowledge and interest.”

What Will I Learn/Do?

You’ll have an opportunity to learn about some of the key elements of the laws that police forces are there to uphold and protect. This will provide an excellent foundation for understanding the importance of the role of police and other public safety jobs in safeguarding our communities and our Canadian way of life.

Term Fall Spring
Secondary Credits 2 2
Days/Wk 1 2
# wks 14 7
Hrs/Day 6 6
Campus/City HMC/Mississauga Davis/Brampton
Courses Police Career Preparation
plus Youth in Conflict with the Law
Police Career Preparation
plus Youth in Conflict with the Law
Dual Credit Codes GCB4T and HCI4T GCB4T and HCI4T
College Codes JUST15892 and JUST22128 JUST15892 and JUST22128

Course Descriptions:

Police Career Preparation

In this course, you’ll examine the opportunities, duties, responsibilities and demands of a career in policing. They consider the competencies needed to succeed including selection requirements and processes. You will explore the development, structure, services and career opportunities provided by a wide range of police organizations. Students assess their interests, values and abilities to identify possible career paths. They investigate structured and extra-curricular learning opportunities to maximize their personal development. Students develop a personal learning plan to prepare for the highly structured and competitive police hiring processes. 

Federal Powers of Arrest and Detention

Here you’ll learn about powers of arrest, detention, release, search and seizure with, and without warrant, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as citizen and peace officer powers of arrest, investigative detention, release procedures, and search and seizure with, and without warrant. The application of discretion and the related implications are discussed. You’ll demonstrate the procedures required to effect a lawful arrest and identify the appropriate method of release. The fundamentals of note-taking are explained and practiced throughout the course.

Pathways to Full Time Sheridan Programs:

If you enjoyed this dual credit program, you may want to apply for the two-year full time Police Foundations Ontario College Diploma Program at Sheridan's Davis Campus. If you are accepted, the dual credits you earned will be counted as courses already completed. The Police Foundations diploma program covers: the many and varied aspects of modern policing; police powers and procedures; community policing; criminology; conflict resolution skills; interviewing suspects and victims; investigation procedures and techniques and youth in conflict with the law.  

Your program will include hands-on activities such as police fitness, defensive tactics, analysis of a mock crime scene and scenario-based practical exercises where you are challenged to integrate and practise your communication (both verbal and written), officer safety, use of authorities and discretion. After completing the program, you’ll be prepared to take the ATS written and physical tests required for application to police positions in Ontario.

Our professors are all experienced in the area of public safety and some are active police officers.  Many have worked in various aspects of public safety, including homicide, undercover, defensive tactics, youth bureau, sexual assault, by-law enforcement and others. All maintain strong connections within the public safety community that provide excellent networking and internship opportunities for you.

Further Academic/Career Pathways:

Sheridan prepares you for career success. When you graduate from the Police Foundations full-time diploma program, you'll be prepared to find a career path in: municipal, regional or provincial police services in Ontario; police departments across Canada; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; border security or private security.

Note: Police services have minimum hiring standards for vision, hearing and physical ability. We encourage applicants to explore these standards prior to entering the program.