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Media Fundamentals


You May Be Interested If:

You're a senior-level secondary student who wants to explore a potential interest in a career and/or further studies in media arts.

What Students Are Saying About This Program

“I enjoyed the teaching methods and the teachers were very helpful.”

“I’ve been opened up to new options regarding my future.”

“My opinion of going to college has changed for the better.”

What Will I Learn/Do?

You’ll be able to take one or both of these courses: a media-specific computer applications course and a course introducing you to sound design. You’ll have lots of opportunity to apply what you’re learning through a rich program of hand-on application using modern technology and equipment.
Secondary Credits  2
Days/Wk 2
# wks 7
Hrs/Day 6
Term Spring
Campus/City Trafalgar/Oakville
Courses Design Technology 1  Introduction To Sound
Dual Credit Codes IBR4T TGF4T
College Codes MEDA11044 MEDA14310

Course Descriptions:

Computer Applications 1 for Media:

Here’s your opportunity to design full colour magazines and posters for print, or websites and graphics to share on social media. In Computer Applications 1, you will learn the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign–three very powerful programs used by professionals. You will learn to draw digital illustrations, enhance and retouch photographs and work with the tools to bring all of your visual and text together, ready for print or publishing to a tablet.

Introduction to Sound Design (MEDA 14310):

Great sound, music, sound effects and dialogue are key elements in any film, television or radio show. In this lab/project based course, the application of sound design will be examined through analysis of the elements of a film or television soundtrack and the techniques used for dialogue, sound effects and music audio in storytelling for radio, television, film and the Internet.

Pathways to Full Time Sheridan Programs:

If you enjoyed this dual credit program, you may want to apply for the full time Media Fundamentals Ontario College Certificate Program at Sheridan's Trafalgar Road Campus. If you are accepted, the dual credits you earned will be counted as courses already completed. The Media Fundamentals one year program offers foundation curriculum in film, broadcasting, journalism and digital media. By taking this suite of media courses, you’ll learn about your interests and abilities while charting a course for more advanced media studies. You’ll acquire basic skills and concepts in:

  • Web and computer technology
  • Sound
  • Camera
  • Television and film production
  • Media history
  • Communications theory
  • Visual design

At the same time, you’ll refine academic skills such as research, writing, and preparing and delivering presentations, which will serve you no matter which area of media or other academic studies you choose to pursue.

Further Academic/Career Pathways:

A Media Fundamentals full-time certificate program is a big first step on the journey toward a career in digital creative industries. After completing the program, you’ll be ready to thrive in whatever media studies discipline you choose to specialize in. You’ll also be qualified to compete for entry into Sheridan programs such as: Journalism- Print or Broadcast; Animation; Photography; Illustration; Game Design; Music Theatre; Advertising; Visual Merchandising; Interior Design; and of course, the Media Arts Ontario Advanced Diploma program.