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Electrical OYAP

You May Be Interested If:

You have an interest in a career as an electrician. You can take your first step toward a career as a skilled, well-paid professional tradesperson or journeyperson - and there's no better place to start than Sheridan.

What Students Are Saying About This Program

This is a brand new program! Come and be the first to see the benefits of an apprenticeship experience.

What Will I Learn/Do?

At the beginning of the Semester, you will be in an Electrical Co-operative Education placement getting some hands on experience. The last eight weeks you will be at Sheridan College in your Level 1 Training for Construction and Maintenance Electrician. You will be studying in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the most current industry-standard equipment. You’ll train on the same machinery and use the same techniques as your potential employers. You will enjoy lots of direct interaction with your instructors, all of them seasoned professionals with many years of classroom experience.

Secondary Credits  2
Days/Wk 5
# wks 8
Hrs/Day 6
Term Spring
Campus/City Skills Training Centre/Brampton
Courses Electrician –
Construction/Maintenance Level 1
Dual Credit Codes TNA 4Y
College Codes ELCC 91002  ELCC 91003  ELCC 91004  ELCC 91005  ELCC 91006  ELCC 91009

Course Descriptions:

You will study the following courses in your Level 1 Training:

  • Prints and Standards
  • Trade Theory
  • Installation Methods
  • Instrumentation, Electrician – Construction/Maintenance, Level 1
  • Canadian Electrical Code, Electrician – Construction/Maintenance, Level 1
  • Electronics (Units 1.06, 1.07)

Trade Safety 1:

Working safely is important. In this course you are taught how to stay safe in a potentially dangerous environment. You will learn about the common causes of workplace accidents and how to foresee and prevent them from happening. Personal and workplace safety while working with plumbing equipment are emphasized throughout the course. Successful completion of the first aid and CPR training leads to a First Aid Standard with Level C CPR certification.

Further Academic/Career Pathways:

The Level 1 Apprenticeship Training is the beginning of the Electrical Trades Apprenticeship Training in-school component, which is a requirement to becoming a full licensed Electrician. Sheridan apprenticeship training in the skilled trades programs in Construction and Maintenance Electrician is nationally recognized. To be eligible for an apprenticeship program at Sheridan, you must be employed and sponsored by an employer, so following successful completion of your OYAP Co-operative Education placement and your dual credit Level 1 training, you are well positioned to seek a full-time apprenticeship position with an employer. As a full time apprentice in the Sheridan Skilled Trade Electrical Apprenticeship Training program, you will be involved for approximately four years of combined off-the-job (in-school) and on-the-job (at the workplace) learning. During this time, you will build your knowledge and hone your skills in the Electrical trade. Upon completion, you will be prepared to tackle all the challenges that a career as a skilled tradesperson has to offer. An alternative pathway is to continue your education in related Electromechanical Technician and Technology programs at Sheridan. Or you can apply directly to the Electronics Technician/Technology program which has a very high graduate employment rate and a very broad range of career pathways such as telecommunications, manufacturing, digital audio and video, internet services, power and energy systems and more.