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Dual Credit Programs

Dual Credit Program  High School Credit  Starting Month Campus/City  College Pathways from Dual Credits 
Animal Care  2 April  Davis/Brampton  Animal Care Certificate (1 yr)
Art Fundamentals  2 April  Trafalgar/Oakville  Art Fundamentals Certificate (1 yr)
Early Childhood Education 1-2 September  Davis/Brampton  Early Childhood Education Diploma (2 yr)
Halton Electrical
 2 September  Davis/Brampton  Electrical Techniques Certificate (1 yr)
Electrical OYAP  2 April  Davis/Brampton  Electrical Apprenticeship
Electrical Techniques
 3 September  Davis/Brampton  Electrical Techniques Certificate (1 yr)
Exploring The Trades  3 April  Davis/Brampton  Technology Fundamentals Certificate (1 yr)
 1 January   HMC/Mississauga
 Business Admin-Finance, Accounting, HR, Marketing Diploma (2 yr)
Hardware Troubleshooting Maintenance  1 January   Davis/Brampton  Information Technologies Support Services Diploma (2 yr)
Construction Trades  1 September  Davis/Brampton  Technology Fundamentals Certificate (1 yr)
Industrial Trades  1 January  Davis/Brampton  Technology Fundamentals Certificate (1 yr)
Makeup For Media & Creative Arts
 2 April  Trafalgar/Oakville  Makeup For Media & Creative Industries Diploma (2 yr)
Media Fundamentals  2  April  Trafalgar/Oakville  Media Fundamentals Certificate (1 yr)
Plumbing  3 September  Davis/Brampton  Mechanical Techniques - Plumbing Certificate (1 yr)
Public Safety  2 September HMC/Mississauga  Police Foundations Diploma (2 yr)
Precision Machining & Welding  3 September  Davis/Brampton  Mechanical Techniques OR Welding Techniques Certificate (1 yr)
Robotics Fundamentals
 1 January Davis/Brampton  Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Technology - Electromechanical Diploma (2 yr) & Advanced Diploma (3 yr)
School Within A College (SWAC)  2 September  HMC/Mississauga  General education credits can be applied to any certificate or diploma program.