mobile navigation Sheridan confirms that the provincial government has passed legislation to end the college strike. Academic employees will return to Sheridan on November 20, to prepare for classes to resume on November 21. More information will be shared via Sheridan email.

Dual Credit Programs

Dual Credit Program  Credits/Courses  Semester
High School/College
Campus/City  College Pathways from Dual Credits 
Animal Care  2  2/Spring  Davis/Brampton  Animal Care Certificate(1 yr)
Art Fundamentals  2  2/Spring  Trafalgar/Oakville  Art Fundamentals Certificate (1 yr)
Early Childhood Education (ECE)  2  2/Spring  Davis/Brampton  ECE Diploma (2 yr)
Electrical Techniques (Halton)
 3  1/Fall and 2/Winter  Davis/Brampton  Electrical Techniques Ontario College Certificate (1 yr)
Electrical Techniques OYAP (Halton)
 3  1/Fall and 2/Winter  Davis/Brampton  Electrical Techniques Ontario College Certificate (1 yr)
Electrical OYAP  2  2/Spring  Davis/Brampton  Electrical Apprenticeship
Electrical Techniques
 3  1/Fall
 Davis/Brampton  Electrical Techniques Ontario College Certificate (1 yr)
English Language Learners
1  2/Winter   HMC/Mississauga  General Education credit can be applied to any certificate or diploma program.
Exploring the Trades  3  2/Spring  Davis/Brampton  Technology Fundamentals Certificate
Fitness Leadership  2  2/Spring  Davis/Brampton  Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership Ontario College Certificate (1 yr)
Fundamentals of Marketing
 1  2  HMC/Mississauga
 Retail Pharmacy Assistant
Hardware Troubleshooting Maintenance  1  1/Fall  Davis/Brampton  Information Technologies Support Services diploma (1 yr)
Introduction to Construction  1  1/Fall
 Davis/Brampton  Technology Fundamentals Certificate (1 yr)
Introduction to Industrial Trades  1  1/Fall
 Davis/Brampton  Technology Fundamentals Certificate (1 yr)
Makeup for Media and Creative Arts
 2  Spring  Trafalgar/Oakville  Makeup for Media and Creative Arts
Media Fundamentals  2  2/Spring  Trafalgar/Oakville  Media Fundamentals Ontario College Certificate (1 yr)
Performing Arts  2  2/Spring  Trafalgar/Oakville  Performing Arts – Preparation Certificate (1 yr)
Plumbing  3  1/Fall
 Davis/Brampton  Mechanical Techniques – Plumbing Certificate (1 yr)
Police Foundations  2  2/Spring  Davis/Brampton  Police Foundations Diploma (2 yrs)
Precision Machining & Welding  3  1/Fall
 Davis/Brampton  Mechanical Techniques Certificate (1 yr)
1 2 Davis/Brampton  Electromechanical Engineering Technology
School within a College SWAC  2 per semester  1/Fall
 HMC/Mississauga  General education credits can be applied to any certificate or diploma program
Summer School  2 Summer 2016  HMC/Mississauga Variety